If you want to know how to cure OCD, you should keep in mind than it is a disorder (not disease) quite difficult to heal. I still remember when I suffered Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and lived drowning in my own suffering and tormented thinking that it didn’t have a cure and it would make me suffer my entire life.
Now, once I got over it and I see all the people who suffers it, I see myself reflected in them, and feel deception by the fact that lots of people, even in the medicine field, still don’t know correctly their causes, and consequently how to cure Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder. It doesn’t exist a unique way to beat this disorder, there’re really two. In this web you’re not only going to find what those are, you’re also going to understand why traditional methods like behavioral psychology, self-help books or meditation, have so comprehensively failed.




If you suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the first thing you should have in mind, is that it’s possible to find the cure for OCD. In fact, you have to know, you are getting out of the hell where you find yourself in. Life is waiting for you, and something in the deepest part of you knows you can’t handle the existential anguish that you live in anymore thanks to this damn disorder. I can’t say that the road would be easy, it requires predisposition, willpower, and the capacity to undertake a process of self-knowledge that will take you first to realize why you suffer OCD, and then to remove of your mind the cause of it, and also the factors that breeds it. Once the cause is deleted (eliminated, erased, removed), the disorder simply goes away and you’ll recover the happiness you should never have lost. And it’s obvious that the only way of achieving the cure of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is by removing their cause.

It’s possible that you have lost a lot of time (maybe many years of your life) and a lot of money in trying to overcome The Obsesive Compulsive Disorder without succeeding. Don’t feel guilty about having failed or tormenting yourself on why you haven’t accomplished it. The same thing happened to me until I found the key to overcoming it. I invite you to turn the page, to forget everything you know about this disorder and to start from scratch. You may consider yourself fortunate to have come this far because for the first time you ‘re going to discover how to eliminate its cause instead of its consequences.




Most conventional ways and therapies can NOT cure the OCD. That means than this disorder can NOT be cured with pills, homeopathy, Bach flowers, herbs, or quackery. Neither it’s usually cured with conventional psychological therapies such as behavioral psychology, reading self-help books, meditating or surfing the internet in search for its cure. The cause of such claim is very simple. The first thing you have to keep in mind if you want to know how to cure the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is that in order to achieve the goal we need to eliminate its cause. Trying to cure it without eliminating its cause is like inflating over and over again a punctured tire hoping that by magic it’ll stop losing air, when what you have to do is repair the puncture.

It’s true that traditional psychological techniques and medication reduce the negative effects of OCD, so that the impact of the disorder on a person’s life decreases. But if we talk about get rid of the cause, of totally overcoming this problem, there are only two strikingly effective ways; so I recommend you go directly to one of them two and I don’t recommend wasting your time.
Let’s get down to business. If you want to know how to cure the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you hace to keep in mind than its cause is in the unconscious mind, so the only way to remove it is one that works on the unconscious emotions, is psychoanalysis and the therapy. Medicine doesn’t seem to reach clear conclusions about a possible biological cause of it. All findings at the neuroscience level are based on the study of the effects of The Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, that is, on the study of brain activity linked to obsessive thoughts and compulsive acts, but there doesn’t seem to be an organic cause of this anxiety disrorder.

Nor does conventional psychology seem to find a powerful cure, since the cause of thoughts is always in the unconscious mind, which is unaccessible to traditional psychological methods. On the other hand, there is enough bibliography and cases registered to be able to say that psychoanalysis in lots of cases cures the OCD.



The cause of this factor, is found in a complex combination of psychological factors of the individual, to which contribute the experiences of the childhood (the childhood experiences), the beliefs formed in the first years of life, social, cultural and familiar education and the tensions between the two parts of the psyche that Freud -the father of psychoanalysis- calls the Self and the Superego.

Until recently psychoanalysis was the only way to heal the OCD, but recently, with the discovery of  the therapy, opens a new way of accessing the unconscious and a cure as effective as psychoanalysis but much faster and cheaper.

Psychoanalysis is a therapy in which one deepens in the knowledge and correction of the unconscious mental content of the individual. This mental content is constituted by unconscious beliefs, unconscious and repressed emotions, schedules(programming), systems of psychological protection, involuntary emotional reactions, beliefs and a long etc. It’s all this unconscious mental contents that determines the thoughts we have throughout the day. These thoughts in turn, determine the emotions, decisions and actions that we have throughout the day, day after day, throughout our lives. It is easy to understand to what extent the unconscious determines who we are, our destiny and even our happiness. OCD is an anxiety disorder whose cause lies precisely in this mental content, only accessible and modifiable through psychoanalysis and the therapy.

The advantage of psychoanalysis is that it usually works for curing OCD where traditional methods fail. I don’t want to be discouraging or delude anyone, but I have to say that it also has serious disadvantages. The disadvantages of Psychoanalysis are basically two: it’s a slow and expensive technique. Normally many sessions are needed (impossible to calculate their number in advance), which can be 30 or can be up to more than 100; And each session usually has a high economic cost, to put a guideline figure 60 to 100 USD (in USA) if it is a good psychoanalyst. By making numbers, we can deduce that overcoming Oobsesivo Compulsive Disorder with psychoanalysis can cost more than 7,000 USD, but the worst is that there’s no way to know with a 100% certainty that it’ll be totally effective in the cure of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The other answer to the question of how to cure the OCD is the therapy, which is a much more unknown system because it’s very recent, but it’s practically as effective as psychoanalysis (there’s not enough therapeutic data yet to obtain a reliable success rate) with the advantage that you can do it from your house. It’s a non-medical self-application, so to follow it you only need to follow the exercises of the therapy; You will not need to take medication, homeopathy or any chemical, diet or similar. You just need the explanation of the therapy and predisposition to perform the exercises.