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Discover how I cured my own OCD and developed the LIBTOC Method

 My name is carlos valverde, I’m a doctor. My personal history and my education have been influenced strongly by OCD have suffered for more than 10 years. My efforts to overcome it led me to pass by several psychologists and I got interested in techniques non-allopathic for healing the body. I think that what I learned at the University has little or no validity if we talk about OCD (except for the fact of knowing  how to control its effects through medication, of course). With 33 years of age, I can say that these past 5 years without OCD have been the best of my life, but until I overcome OCD, my life was a living hell.

My desires to overcome OCD led me to having to search for information on the internet, both official and unofficial information,  to discover the world of alternative medicine, and undergo to many of those treatments, to my disgrace they didn't have much to contribute as to treatment of OCD, obsessed with overcoming the disorder in any way. After graduating in medicine, and having more free time, I studied all kinds of medical and psychological theories about the ODC, and especially to deepen in the scope of neuroscience and medicine called mind-body.

A completely new world opened in front me; and I learned theories and techniques than I never suspected existed according to my 'scientific mind' molded by the prevailing medical paradigm. Although most of this information helped me little or nothing, some of those techniques were very helpful, and they laid the foundations of my own healing, and that months later will become the LIBTOC method.

Specifically, the practices and theories that in any way contributed to make my healing possible where the Psychoanalytic theory, The mind-body theories of Enric Corbera, Dr. Hamer, Dr. John Sarno, Milton Erickson; the Holistic kinesiology and the Transpersonal psychology.

I don’t pretend to cover this section in my personal curriculum; but just to tell my story in large strokes, so you have to keep present at all times, the fact than having suffered from OCD and passed it, It allows me to have an understanding of it, more accurate than anyone who has not experienced it. I know how desperate and even humiliating it can be to suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and how important it is for any patient to overcome this problem. Based on my experience, I expanded the information, and developed the LIBTOC Method, which I have edited on one occasion to improve it even more, with new techniques that I have incorporated into the treatment methodology. Remember that LIBTOC method, is not a tratment but a treatment methodology, which employs several techniques from scopes very different from each other such as holistic kinesiology, analytical psychology, bio-neuroemotión and transpersonal psychology.

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The LIBTOC Method

The LIBTOC Method is a system developed by me (Dr. Carlos Valverde), who developed a guided system than anybody can follow from their own house. The Method is structured in 3 parts and in each one of them there's one objective (learn to not to identify oneself with their own thoughts, overcome some personality traits than are generating inner tension and repression, an to feel some repressed emotions than are traped in the unconscious mind.)



This is one of the most effective treatments for Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, even though it presents a lot of disadvantages. The main one is than is an expensive therapy becouse usally it is needed a high number of sessions in order to see good results; and besides that, nothing guarantees than the treatment is going to cure OCD. I highly recommend to try the LIBTOC Method before going to the office of a psychoanalyst.


Other treatments

There are some treatments aimed to heal this disorder, the most common one is the conductyst pyschologty (what is known as going to the pychologyst), and some alternative treatments than sometimes can be successful for curing OCD. Some of them are the BioNeuroEmotion, transpersonal psychology, the Body Code (system developed by Bradley Nelson) and the hypnosis.


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