Important facts about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (part 2)

There are various exercises that really work and may cure symthoms but which don’t involve any kind of work-outs, either in the gym or, in home. Workouts will surely help you in the process of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder exercise treatment, but if you are not the one, who uses it regularly, never rush for it after this disease catches you. It may become harmful for you.

Working out increases your confidence and creates a positive frame of mind that will easily help you to move out all the negative thoughts you may have in your mind. Gym workouts are helpful to make your brain work properly and thus the chances of OCD will be lower. Cardio workouts for at least 3 times a week for 45 to 60 minutes will make your heart healthy and thus your mind and brain will be fresh all the time. However, one should always remember one thing while practicing such exercises, that never over do them, because, it may cause serious and permanent damages to your health. These work outs only help you until the disease has caught you.

Once you become an OCD patient, it will come in no avail. So, be careful about that and practice them regularly as they stand as good Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) exercise cure for your health. One can try them out with expert advices.

Now, these are not all about OCD exercises. If once you have caught with disease then there are certain exercises too, that involves your brain, more precisely your right hemisphere and reduce the amount of neurotransmitters that causes damage to your mental state.

These exercises are not in the form of work outs as work outs for an ocd patient is not good. These are technical exercises that involve your brain, your mind and your skills and improve them as needed to work them properly and draw yourself back to your normal life. The practice of arts is a good exercise for your brain and you should include it in your OCD exercise routine.

Colors can increase your visibility power and will help you engaged in something creative and it will surely help you to control your anxiety. Acting in dramas may also help in this cause. Music is a great cure for many diseases so as for this disease too. Music therapy can relax your mind and brain, give a feeling of piece and thus you will feel good. It reduces your stress and your brain will work properly if you are going through music therapy every day. Creative stories may also help the patient.

You can tell the patient various creative stories, let the patient read them. Basically, OCD patients need a lot of confidence, so you need to encourage them all the time. Always be in connection with the doctor if disease catches you or, one of your loved ones. It is a disease that totally depends on mind and if you neglect it, it can become severe as you have mentioned before. So, always be careful about its symptoms and if any one of them is becoming visible in your or, the possible victim?s action, then contact the doctor immediately.

Make an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder exercise routine for yourself and follow it carefully. Speed writing, speed sketching, and upside-down drawing are few other OCD exercises that may help in the cause. Constant practicing those exercises will surely reduce your anxiety by increasing your confidence, self-esteem and thus your brain works. You may need medicines if your health is not responding to the exercises, but it is often found that doctors prescribe few exercises too with the medicines as the exercises help to take the medicines full effect.

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