Javi“Thank you very much for the LIBTOC method, I have been working with it for four months and I am beginning to think that OCD is outdated. I have progressively abandoned compulsive acts, first the most serious, and my extensive ritual of routine night check repeatedly lights, doors, windows, etc. Has been reduced until practically disappears. “



 “Hi carlos, I want to send you my most sincere thanks for making it possible for me to cure OCD, The LIBTOC method, as well as your periodic messages have been very helpful to me during these months. Today I write to you so that you know of my gratitude and because I know that I have totally surpassed the OCD. I feel like the happiest man in the world. A hug.”




 “I write to you so that you know about my recovery from the OCD problem, I only regret not having discovered your website before, I would have saved a lot of money on psychologists and pills, and especially a lot of suffering, but that has already happened and what matters It is that I have healed. “



Alfonso“Hi Carlos, thank you for having answered my doubts during these months. I have to communicate that now I feel completely free of ODC. I have managed to overcome also the small unimportant rituals that were most resisting me, but now I feel that I am a person Free and new, thanks for the LIBTOC Method. I will continue to apply the first part of the method the rest of my life, because for me it is not a part of the treatment, but a true philosophy of life, as you say, I am free to believe or not Each of the thoughts that my mind generates, and I will never be a slave to my thoughts. “


“Thank you for your help, I have bought the method and I have been subscribing to your messages up to the present time. Despite my initial doubts, I have overcome OCD, and now I know that I’m able to completely abandon the method tracking and leave the reading of your messages to mail because I have completely overcome the hell of OCD, and want to turn the page of this problem. I don´t want to know more about OCD because for me it is just a bitter memory, a blur in my life that I don’t want to remember ever again. Today I start a new life happy and with peace of mind. Again thousand thanks for your effort and time. A hug.”



 “Hi Carlos, I’m writing from Zaragoza, to tell you that I acquired the LIBTOC Method five months ago, and I have been applying it daily, to the point where I can say that I am now completely cured, The improvement didn’t begin until the three months of treatment, but I applied your advice about the factor time, increased discipline in the application of block 2 and that was fundamental, Since from there the improvement was constant until today. Thank you for give me freedom.



 “Good morning carlos, I simply wish to thank you for having made the LIBTOC Method because although it has cost me almost half a year the OCD has disappeared from my life. The most difficult thing for me has been to develop Block 2 but with insistence and willpower, I started applying it correctly, and the changes were huge. It is very gratifying to see how the mind stops generating obsessive thoughts, and the need to do stupid rituals is disappearing bit by bit. Thank you.”