A technical definition of the LIBTOC Method would be a System that consists of the combination and integration of a series of techniques and principles included in the fields of analytical psychology and transpersonal psychology. Therefore, it is not a treatment but a Treatment Methodology that includes and combines several techniques. It’s effective because it uses techniques that work thanks to the principles and properties of psychoanalysis, holistic kinesiology, and transpersonal psychology.

The LIBT Method is a treatment for the cure of OCD. The following explains both its content and its level of effectiveness, as well as the operation of the purchase process. The LIBTOC Method is an electronic material (it does not exist in physical format), consisting of an eBook in pdf format of 157 pages, and 5 audios in mp3 format that explains the entire methodology of treatment of this method. It’s a method of self-application (which anyone can follow from home) that is encompassed in the field of psychology-psychoanalysis, not in the field of medicine. Therefore, there’s no need for home remedy, nor medication, nor chemical substances, nor homeopathy, nor herbs, or anything to do with medicine.
Nor is it related to energy psychology techniques like EFT or NLP. I myself performed these two energy therapies long before I overcame Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and unfortunately I did not experience any change in OCD.The LIBTOC Method is structured in three blocks.
The first block includes exercises that teach you not to identify with the thoughts (not to believe the obsessive thoughts); Such as mental monitoring exercises, anchoring of attention at the present moment, and deprogramming exercises of compulsive acts.Block 2 includes a process of personal transformation, in which one has to learn to change a series of personality patterns (excess of perfectionism, demands with oneself, excessive responsibility, seeking the approval of others, need for control, Shyness, etc.). The problem with these characteristics (many of which are present in most people with OCD) is that they act as a source of internal tension and emotional repression, which are transmitted to the Autonomic Nervous System, feeding the appearance of obsessive thoughts and anxiety.

The last Block includes exercises that allow gradual access to the unconscious mind and release deeply repressed emotions (many of them from infancy and adolescence), which are largely responsible for a non-harmonious mental structure. This psychic structure, favors the presence of some of the characteristics mentioned above, the excess of fears and concern, and the appearance of obsessive thoughts.

When the causes of OCD are eliminated, it disappears. The cure rates of the LIBTOC Method in practice are around 50%; Although its effectiveness is 100%. I explain, approximately half of the people who perform the method LIBTOC fail to adequately perform any of the Blocks Method (usually Block 2), which doesn’t seem to heal them. Those people who do achieve the goal of each of the 3 Blocks, heal. Some people cost them a few weeks, others more than a year (because they cannot successfully complete Block 2 on the first try), although most do it in several months. Other people fail to adequately perform any of the parts of the Method, so they either don’t improve, or improve even if they don’t achieve total healing.

Obviously the material also includes a deepening in the cause of OCD and its psychological and neurophysiological nature, the analysis of the problem of the low effectiveness of traditional therapies, and the factors that favor its appearance and worsening.